Rudy Salgado, River City Tintype

Calliope Arts Printmaking Studio 

324 E College Street, Louisville, KY 40203

Call or text at: 530-828-9395


The Calliope Arts studio and River City Tintype are open by appointment only. Please get in touch here or through Instagram (@rivercitytintype).

To learn more about Calliope, visit us on Instagram at @calliope-arts or at

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The 1885 brick building, which houses River City Tintype and my printmaking studio, Calliope Arts, which I run with my partner and fellow artist Susanna Crum. Our cat Fritz (not yet pictured in tintype!) is upstairs but seldom helps with anything. Our neighborhood Smoketown was founded in 1866 - could this be the house's first tintype?