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This is no ordinary photo—each tintype is unique and rare. Many factors affect the results, so expect some variation in yours from what you see on this website. For example, some differentiation around the edges is a telling artifact—and part of the beauty—of the image. Movement of the sitter, lighting, and chemistry may affect the image, so we may need to take more than one shot (free of charge) to make sure your image meets my technical standards. I recommend no more than 3 people in each portrait. 

How long does the Tintype process take? 

Around 10 minutes per plate. We discuss a pose, arrange lights, coat a plate, make the exposure. You're welcome to join me in the darkroom to watch the plate develop.

What should I wear? 

Props, patterns, hats, and textures are especially fun for tintype, so please consider this as you plan your outfit. Some eyeglasses appear as sunglasses in this process, so I recommend you remove your glasses just prior to the photograph. Collodion interprets colors and values differently than traditional black-and-white film. Keep in mind that text will appear as a mirror-image in the final photograph.


Blues, denims, and many tattoos look lighter—even white. Tattoos with a lot of blue hues sometimes don't apppar at all. Reds, greens, and some yellows appear dark.

Will I be able to decide the pose? 

Yes! You can bring props, outfits, and reference images to help communicate your desired photograph. We'll start the session with a consultation about what kind of look you'd like for your photo(s), its overall feeling, and composition. 

Can I get a photograph of my child or pet? 

Indoor (studio) lighting works is instant. The lights make a bright flash, which may be jarring but will result in a more focused portrait.


For natural/outdoor lighting without studio lights: It is difficult for young children and infants to be perfectly still throughout the exposure. I'm happy to include your child in a portrait, but be forewarned that they will appear just like children in antique photographs - blurry! 

When will I get my finished plate and scan? 

Your tintype plates will need to stay in the studio after your session, when they rinse for 30 minutes. When plate(s) are dry ​I apply a protective coating to protect the silver surface. Otherwise, it will tarnish like silver jewelry does!


In most cases, I will email you a high-res scan and pickup information (or mailing confirmation) within 24 hours.  


Other Important Notes: 

Images are for personal use only. If you intend to use images for commercial purposes (film/television, bands, album covers)  please contact me for additional info. 

For boudoir and nude photos, please contact me to make an appointment. 

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