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We live in an era of disposable snapshots, which we take but seldom look at again. River City Tintype makes one-of-a-kind, heirloom photographs with metal and silver, using a method developed in the 19th century. Join us for a memorable experience and a photograph that will last a lifetime!

Photography has a long history of exclusion and othering. At River City Tintype, we're committed to using the power of portraiture to embrace and include everyone. Come as you are, all gender expressions welcome. Love is love. 

Online bookings are available at specific dates and times. If you don't see a particular date that works for you, request a session via email or call/text at 530-828-9395. 


Online Bookings

Pop-up tintype events at discounted rates, specific dates/times/locations.

Unless otherwise noted, all of these time slots are located on the second floor of  my studio:

Calliope Arts, 324 E College Street
Louisville, KY 40203


I recommend no more than 2 people in each portrait. Check out the "FAQ" page on my website to learn more about the process.

This is not an ordinary portrait, and each tintype is unique and rare. Minor imperfections and aberrations are to be expected. You will be able to witness each step of the process and see the image as soon as it is developed. I see every image as an opportunity for collaboration and connection. Tintypes are unique, handcrafted images, which look different based on many factors, so expect some variation in yours from what you see on this website. Some differentiation around the edges, for example, is a telling artifact - and part of the beauty - of the image. Movement of the sitter, lighting, and chemistry may affect the image, so we may need to take more than one shot (free of charge) to make sure your image meets my technical standards, within the limits of the process itself at the time of development.


The following packages are just to provide ideas. Portrait sessions at my studio start at $75 for the first portrait, then $60 for each additional tintype after that. 

All pricing is for metal (aluminum) plates. These are technically called alumitypes, though most people refer to all wet collodion photographs on metal as "tintypes." If you prefer a glass plate (called an ambrotype), add $15 per plate.

4" x 5" Single Portrait - $75

(featuring up to 2 people in the image)


4" x 5" Double Package - $175

(2 individual portraits, 1 two-person portrait) 


4" x 5" Friends & Family - $225

(2 individual portraits, 2 multiple-person portraits)