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Located near downtown Louisville, my studio occupies the first floor of a house built in 1885, with a darkroom and portrait parlor modeled after those in the 19th century. In a studio portrait session, we’ll discuss the tintype process, look at historical and contemporary examples, and plan poses for portraits. You’ll see the process from start to finish, from coating a plate to developing in the darkroom. After your session, I will varnish your plates and mail them to you. You will also receive high-resolution images via email. 

I offer 3 ways to book a session: 

Please read before moving forward: 

  • This is not a digital or film-based process. Each image takes around 10 minutes from start to finish, from hand-coating a plate to developing the image in the darkroom. 

  • In most cases, your plates will be ready the next business day after your session. You'll select Pick-Up (no fee) or Plate Mailing ($5 fee) during your session.

  • Flash advisory: My studio lighting is instantaneous, and involves a very bright flash.

  • I use antique lenses and recommend no more than 3 people in each photo.

Photography has a long history of exclusion and othering. At River City Tintype, we're committed to using the power of portraiture to embrace and include everyone. Come as you are, all gender expressions welcome. Love is love. 


One Plate Portrait, $80

(featuring up to 3 people)

Additional plates $70 each.


Book a 1-Plate Portrait session.  

three plate package.jpg

Three-plate package, $220

4x5 plates made in my studio

Book a 3-plate session.

four plate package.jpg

Four-plate package, $290

4x5 plates made in my studio

Book a 4-plate session.


8" x 10" Portrait - $160

A larger composition transforms a portrait into an artwork.

Additional plates $120 each.

Book an 8x10 session. 

Group Session / Tintype Party at my studio 

The perfect gift for wedding celebrants gathering before the big day, coworkers getting together for time away from the office, and more. I'll give a tour of the studio, show you my collection of antique portraits, and we'll talk early photography tools and techniques. Everyone can get their own beautiful heirloom portrait or analog headshot. We can discuss refreshments ahead of time to make it a whole event!

Priced per plate:

First 4x5 is $80, then $70 each

First 8x10 is $160, then $120 each

Book a tintype party


Request a Studio Session

Looking for a studio session at a particular date and time? Please email me to check availability. We can usually add a plate to a session. Additional 4x5 plates: $70 each. Additional 8x10 plates: $120 each. 

These sessions will all take place at my studio at 326 E College Street, Louisville.

On-Location and House Calls

Pricing for On-Location and House Calls

Have an idea for a tintype shoot at your place? Contact me with your idea. 

4x5 session: $500 for three 4x5 plates. $70 per additional plate. 
8x10 session: $700 for three 8x10 plates. $120 per additional plate. 

Traveling fees apply when you are more than 20 miles from my studio:
20-30 miles: $25; 30-40 miles: $45; 50-60 miles: $75.
More than 60 miles? Please contact me for details.


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